To create a new giving statement template or edit an existing one, navigate to the Settings page, one loaded, select Financial.

From here, either select an existing template or create a new one by clicking ‘Add New Template’.

Both options will bring you to a page that looks like the screenshot below. It’s on this page you can edit the information you want to appear in the different areas of the template, including placeholders. For a list of different placeholders able to be utilized in statements, check out this article.

It’s important to consider that different placeholders take up different amounts of space due to the large amount of text that may come through as results within them. This means that you want to ensure that your template layout has space accordingly to accommodate.

Once you have finished editing the information in the fields, click the ‘Preview Giving Statement’ button to view how it will look once printed. When you’re happy, you’re good to go!

Below is an example of a giving statement generated after modifying the layout. You’ll see that each section reflects the information as was defined in the template above.

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