First, you need to examine where the entirety of your giving is listed. If you don't have an integration set up, please follow the directions in this article to run your Tax Statements from Giving.  

If your donations are integrated into Elvanto, with any past donation information. Just keep reading to learn how to run those Giving Statements from Elvanto.

Publishing Giving Statements

To set this up, simply log into the Admin Area and go to Financial > Giving Statements.

When the page loads, click the ‘Publish Giving Statement’ button.

Enter the details for the Giving Statement. You can limit what sort of transactions and pledges are included.

Emailing or SMS Published Giving Statements

You can email a link to allow your members to download their giving statements without having to log in.

To do this, simply select the ‘Send Giving Statement’ option on the left of the list of statements, and select your preferred contact method.

Downloading Giving Statements

Church Members can access their Giving Statements by logging into their account and going to the ‘My Profile’ page in Member Area.

From their left hand side menu, they should now see a ‘Download Giving Statements’ link.

A page will then load listing their Giving Statements. They can click the ‘Download’ button to obtain a copy of the Giving Statement in PDF format.

Printing Giving Statements

You can generate a giving statement report via the Admin Area, by going to Financial > Reports. From there, choose the ‘Giving Statements’ report and enter your criteria to generate a printable copy of giving statements.

For more help, please take a look at the following video :)

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