Built-in reports are an effortless way to assess key indicators of church growth.

Tithe.ly ChMS offers three main built-in financial reports, and the Giving Statements Report (which is just a printable version of a giving statement).

For more about Reporting in Tithe.ly ChMS, read this page.

Pledge & Transaction Amounts Report

This report gives you sum totals of people’s giving over a certain period of time. This is great for getting the big picture of individual’s giving.

Batches Report

This report shows you transactions within specific batches. It allows you to see who gave what, when.

This report can also be used to show how much was donated to specific accounts within the specified timeframe, or just give a total without any breakdown of the different accounts.

New Givers Report

This report will give you a list of al the first-time givers in the past however-long-you-want. This report, along with service attendance, is a good indicator of new people who are committed to your church.

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