End of financial year can be a stressful time; there’s so much to do! Here’s how Elvanto can take one thing off your plate.

Publishing giving statements

Before anyone can access your giving statements, you’ve got to make the information available to your givers. You do this by publishing a giving statement. That said, giving statements don’t just have to fill legal requirements. For example, at the end of a donation drive you can publish a giving statement so people can see how much they contributed. Sometimes, it takes a little reminder to see how all the little donations add up – and how much of a difference they make!

Look at this link to see how to publish giving statements.

Hard copy giving statements

Not everyone is tech-savvy, but that doesn’t stop them from being generous! Generate a giving statement report via the Admin Area, by going to Financial > Reports. From there, choose the ‘Giving Statements’ report and enter your criteria to generate a printable copy of any giving statements.

Electronic giving statements

Elvanto offers a few ways to electronically send giving statements out to your givers.

Downloadable giving statements

Downloadable giving statements are great when the giver doesn’t necessarily need that particular giving statement. In Australia, where giving statements are not a legal requirement, this is a great idea! It’s also useful for smaller, more specific giving statements (a missions giving statement, for example) where not everyone will want to see how much they gave.

See how members can download their giving statements at this link.

Email and SMS giving statements

In circumstances where you want to make sure your givers see their giving statements (like the end of financial year giving statement), email it to them. While you technically can send out a giving statement via SMS, we recommend that you don’t because it’d cost a fortune!

Learn how to email giving statements at this link.

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