Let’s keep the communication paths open! Here’s a couple of tips on using the Member Directory :)

On the website

Again, if your system admin has set up the Member Directory, you’ll be able to access it, along with the other links, in the bar across the top of your account. Once there, you can browse or search for people and various details about them. For even more information, click on that person’s name.

I know a person exists, but I can’t find them

This happens from time to time. It could be because of a number of reasons. If they haven’t been added to Elvanto, you won’t be able to find them. More likely, however, is that you either don’t have the access permissions (possibly because of their age, location, or the fact they’re not in your group), or that they aren’t in the Directory (they may have opted out of being in the directory). In any case, if you can’t find someone in the directory and you think you should be able to, talk to your system admin.

In the mobile app

In the mobile app, you can access the Member Directory through the menu. Once there, you can browse or search for people. Tap on their names to see more information. Note that the Member Directory in the mobile app will normally give you significantly less information than looking up someone on the website.

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