Make sure you stay in the loop by keeping your personal details up-to-date in Elvanto.

Your Elvanto Profile

In Elvanto, all your information is stored under your profile. So feel free to add a picture so people have something to look at over time they roster you on – a face to put to the name, in other words. You can do this by clicking on the My Profile link in the drop-down menu with your name on it, and selecting ‘My Profile’.

From there, quickly access various parts of your profile by clicking on links in the sidebar under your profile picture.

Depending on your church’s preferences, you may not be able to edit any of your details. But most of the time, you’ll be able to edit things like phone numbers and addresses. Just make the changes, and remember to click ‘Save’ at either the top or bottom of the page when you’re done.

Updating your profile in the mobile app

Unfortunately, you can’t update your profile picture or personal information in the mobile app. We’re working on it! For now, you’ll have to use the website.

➡️Click to go to Using the Member Directory
⬅️Click to go back to the Overview 

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