Save everyone the hassle of late replacements by keeping your unavailability up-to-date. And with Elvanto, updating your unavailability is just a few clicks away!


Unavailability is simply a way to notify your leaders that you won’t be around for a particular service. Or, if your church opts to use auto-scheduling, it will mean that Elvanto does not roster you on for any time between the dates you specify.

Unavailability on the website

To update your unavailability, go to your ‘My Profile’ page.

Then click on the ‘Unavailability’ link located on the sidebar.

Once there, simply select the range of dates and times that you’ll be unavailable, and click ‘Submit’. Your upcoming unavailability will appear in a table on the page.

To remove unavailability, select the upcoming unavailable times that you are now available for (by clicking on their checkboxes), and select ‘Delete’ in the drop-down menu that appears at the top of the table once you’ve selected something. To perform the delete on all selected times, click the ‘Perform Mass Manage’ button.

Unavailability on the mobile app

To update your unavailability, navigate using the menu to ‘Roster’.

Once there, select the ‘More’ option at the top right.

From there, you can select unavailability, and can view and add your unavailability.

Scheduling preferences

Scheduling preferences allow you to notify your leaders how frequently you want to be rostered on. For example, if your church has multiple services, you may only want to be rostered on once per week, twice per month. You can update these preferences by going to your profile.

And clicking on ‘Scheduling Preferences’ on the sidebar.

For a step-by-step walkthrough of adding scheduling preferences, visit this page.

➡️Click to go to Updating Your Personal Details
⬅️Click to go back to the Overview 

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