Sometimes you just can’t make a service you’re rostered on for. That’s okay! With Elvanto, you can attempt to swap with someone, or have yourself replaced.


Swapping with someone is exactly as it sounds: you’re asking another rostered volunteer to do your turn, and in exchange, you’ll do theirs. This will only go through if they accept your request.


Replacing is similar: you’re asking someone else to take your turn, but you’re not promising to take theirs in return.  ‘Replace’ looks at replacing you with another volunteer who is not rostered but eligible to be rostered on that position.  For both swapping and replacing, you can send requests to as many people as possible at once.

Unsuccessful requests

If your request is unsuccessful, you’ll be sent an email. A request will be unsuccessful if all people decline, or if you run out of time. Talk to your ministry leader to see how long you have before you are no longer able to swap or be replaced.

If you try to swap or be replaced inside this time period, you will automatically fail your request. 

Visit this page for a comprehensive walkthrough of swapping and replacing.

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