Setting up your label printers and making sure they work properly the first time saves a lot of time and energy down the track. This section looks at what you need to ensure these are set up correctly, and the different options you have for customizing your labels.

  • Setting up your Label Printers

  • Customizing Label Designs and Information

  • Setting up Print Stations

Setting up your Label Printers

There is software that you will need to download and install to get label printing working. Please read this article for instructions on how to set these up.

Tablet and Smartphone label printing

You can print labels from your iPad, iPhone, android or any other internet enabled device using Print Stations. For details on setting these up, continue reading.

What size labels work with Elvanto?

We support the following Dymo label sizes:

  • Address (89 x 28 mm)

  • Large Address (89 x 36 mm)

  • Large Address (70 x 54 mm)

  • Shipping (101 x 54 mm)

  • Medium (57 x 32 mm)

The labels you use need to be landscape orientation so that all information and logos fit.

To view and select your label size, log into your account and go to Settings > Check-in Settings. If we don’t support your label size, email us and we’ll try to add it in for you.

Customizing Label Designs and Information

The template for your check-in labels can be customized to suit your needs. Under settings > Check-in, there is a section for changing the label templates.

From there, you can drag in custom fields to include in the labels and also add a logo to the label. The information on the labels, when printed, will then line up with the information stored for the individual.

You can also use the following shortcodes to help format your labels:

  • [b]Text Goes Here[/b] – Bolds the text between [b] and [/b]

  • [size=??]Text Goes Here[/size] – Sets the size of the text between the tags to the given value. Please note that the exact size varies, depending on the amount of text on the label.

Examples of labels

Below are some example labels that have been printed and the template settings that were used to generate these labels.

All labels are printed are on a Large Address (70 x 54mm) sized label with no logo. Changing the label size or adding a logo to your label will affect how these are printed.

Default Label

This is the default label when you create your account. It combines the Full name and security code of the child checked in.


Allergies and School Grade information

The below label includes a bit more information about the child, including the Age, School Grade and their Allergies.

[b][size=30][firstname] [lastname][/size][/b]
Age: [age] | Grade: [school_grade] | Allergies: [custom_c942d999-0331-11e5-bd65-06e37142e2e1]

To use this template you’ll need to replace ‘[custom_c942d999-0331-11e5-bd65-06e37142e2e1]’ with the relevant shortcode for your accounts allergies field.

Setting up Print Stations

Due to restrictions on what devices can use Dymo software, not all devices can print labels directly. When using these devices, you can still print labels by using a print station. Print stations allow you to check-in using a tablet, and then have the labels printed and collected by your volunteers and parents.

Different check-in rooms can be assigned to different print stations, so that when children and adults are checked into those rooms, the labels are printed at the correct station for that room.

Equipment required for a print station

  • Computer capable of running the Dymo Software. (USB port and running Mac OSX, or Windows)

  • A printer connected to the computer.

Settings that need to be put in place.

In the Check-in settings, which can be found by navigating to the Settings page in the User Nav, you can specify how many print stations you have and what their names are. The different check-in rooms can then be linked to specific print stations.

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