Access permissions are important to securing your system, but they’re often over-complicated.

You may not have permission to edit access permissions. If this is the case, skip this page. Don’t worry about it! You’re not responsible for who can access what. Otherwise, carry on!

Everyone who has access to your system has an access permission. Access permissions limit what people can see and edit in Elvanto.


Access permissions are essentially just a tick-and-choose menu for your different roles. Simply select which areas you want which roles to be able to access.

Learn how to set up Access Permissions.


Lockdowns are zones that you limit users to. For example, you may limit users to their own location, or lock down demographics, so users can only search the details of people their own age.

Learn more about lockdown areas.

More help

Access permissions can be confusing, but we’re here to help. Feel free to reach out to us with any question at the chat bubble below.

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