Contact Management is a feature that can be used to track and update donor’s information. On the contact management platform within you can update users’ names, addresses, phone numbers and Member ID. Here’s how you can access and edit this information: 

  1. Log onto your admin site. 

  2. Select “Contact Management” from the left menu

  3. Filter by name or address to locate the donor you wish to edit. 

  4. Click “Edit” on the far right of their name. 

  5. Edit as needed and click “Save”

Please note that administrators are not able to edit the email addresses of donors. Since this is a crucial tracking feature of, only the user is able to edit their own email address. Users can edit their email address by going to the My Account section of their profile and inserting the new address. 

Being able to view and edit donor’s contact information can be vital to the work of any organization. With it is a simple process to maintain such needed information. 

If you have other questions about this or if you need us to adjust the information for a donor in some way, please contact us at

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