Tithe.ly text giving comes with the ability for donors to customize their giving experience. Donors are able to put in an emoji and an amount will be given for them!

After a donor has set up their initial account with Text-Giving, they can then text the below information and set up emoji giving.

For this to take effect with Tithe.ly text giving, you must put the emoji, amount and designation exactly as it shows above. Please note that you must put the emoji, a space, the equals sign, a space, the dollar amount, a space, the fund designation. It would be as follows:

Emoji = Amount Fund

That’s it! From now on this will be designated as the emoji you wish to use for the amount you say. All you have to do going forward is send the emoji and you’ll receive a receipt confirmation of your donation. 

Note: You do not have to use the emojis listed above! The emojis can be customized to each donor’s preference. 

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