Pledge Campaigns are an excellent way for you to increase giving at your church. An example would be, if your organization wants to raise funds for a new building and has a goal of $10,000. You would be able to set this goal and view live as your goal is being met. Check out the steps below on how to utilize this feature! 

Setting Up a Pledge Campaign

  1. Log onto your admin account and click “Pledge Campaigns” in the left menu. 

  2. Click “Create New Pledge Campaign”

    3. Begin inserting your campaign details by first selecting the church campus you would like this to apply to, Campaign Name, and an optional Goal Amount.
    4. Next, you can put in some optional Campaign Branding for your donors to see when setting up a pledge. 

    5. Click “Save”

Editing and Managing Your Pledge Campaign

Editing Campaigns such as these doesn’t have to be a difficult process. When editing these, you have the ability to not only change the branding preferences on the campaign, but also monitor all donations associated. 

All you have to do is click on “Edit” next to your pledge that has been set up and you can change anything needed!

When managing the Pledge Campaigns, you can see who has donated and how much each donor has set to give to your pledge. Just click on “Manage” and you should be able to see this information. 

Admin Batch Giving and Pledge Campaigns

Unfortunately, if people wish to give to your pledge via cash/check, it cannot be tracked with their Pledge goals. While you can enter that into Admin Batch Giving, it will not track with the pledge goals set by the donor. We are working on developing a process that will resolve this problem. Stay tuned!!

Distributing Your Pledge Link

When people are trying to give to your Pledge Campaign, they will not be able to donate as they typically would (through the app). The reason for this is that donations given without the Pledge link will not be tracked along with the progression of other gifts. 

For someone to donate to your campaign, they will need to access the campaign page and set up a pledge through the link that you distribute. 

You can see the link by clicking on “Pledge Form Link”.


Note: Once you create a Pledge Campaign, it can not be deleted. If you do not send out your pledge form link, people will not be able to set up a pledge with the campaign. 

Note: When a pledge campaign is created it automatically generates a giving type. The giving type will need to be hidden from your giving form because gifts given will not be counted towards the Pledge Campaign total.

If you have any other questions regarding this, please feel free to reach out to us at

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