Integrating social media into your app is a great way to keep your church connected and ensure that they don't miss any information. The newsfeed feature connects all of your newest social media posts in one accessible place. 

1. Facebook

  1. Go to Integrations from the left side of your app dashboard.
  2. Under the Facebook area select "Add Facebook Page".

3. The Facebook Username will connect your Facebook page to the app. To find the username, go to your Facebook page and you will see the username in the URL.

4. In order to integrate your Facebook page it must be set completely to public. This includes age and country restrictions.

2. Twitter

  1. Similar to Facebook, you will click on integrations on the dashboard.
  2. Under Twitter select "Add Twitter Account"

3. Your Twitter Screen Name can also be found in the URL when viewing the twitter account that you want to integrate into the app.

4. The Twitter page must be completely public with no restrictions in order to connect to your app.

3. Instagram

  1. As with Facebook and Twitter, select the Integrations tab. 
  2. Under Instagram select Add Instagram.
  3. Once there you’ll see information on granting access to your Instagram account. Keep in mind this gives the same amount of access as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram just works a bit differently in granting that access.

4. Select Grant Access, then be sure you’re signed into the instagram account you wish to add and select Authorize.
5. Once that’s complete you’re all set!

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