Best Tips for Creating a Note-Taking Feature For Your App

Many app users enjoying taking their own notes while listening to a sermon or podcast. Please note that with our sermon notes feature, the note is created on the App Dashboard by the admin, not by the end user. To create this feature in your app, go in and create a sermon note. 

Then, place your cursor in the text box where you would like the note-taking section to be added. Then select the bubble icon shown below (only select this once).

Then, save your new note and try it out on your app!

Best Tips for Previewing Your Sermon Note

Selecting the “Toggle Side by Side” button directly above the text box is always a good idea when starting a new sermon note. By viewing the editor in Side by Side mode, you can see what your notes will look like live as you are typing them!

Note:  If you ever want to return to the normal dashboard, simply press the “Full Screen” button.

Best Tips for Entering “Top Note Information”

Correctly entering in the main details for the sermon note is important! This information is not only the first the app user will see when they view a sermon note, it also affects the searching capabilities in your app. Below are a few fields that we advise adding for every sermon:

  • Title: The title of the sermon.

  • Author: The speaker for the sermon.

  • Banner Image Link: A link to an image to display at the top of the sermon. 

  • Bible Version: Whenever you include a Bible reference within your notes, the text will appear in the version selected.

Here is an example of what a note can look like when you put in all of the above information:

Best Tips for Adding a Banner Image Link

A link to an image to display at the top of the sermon. We highly advise adding one of these because they make a great first impression for a sermon. Great resources for finding free images are Freely Photos and Pixabay. Simply copy a link to the image and then paste the image address in the “Banner Image Link” field for your sermon notes.

Best Tips for Adding Scripture References

Whenever you include a Bible reference within your notes, the text will appear as a hyperlink! When an app user taps the text, it will open a popup that displays the scripture for that passage in the bible version previously selected in “Top Note Information”.

If you want to display the scripture within the notes without requiring a popup, we advise to simply type the scripture reference and version of the Bible (i.e.: “Genesis 1:1-5 NIV”) into Google. Then copy the scripture text, and paste it back into your notes.

We suggest putting scripture references in Blockquotes to help the bible verse pop off the page. To do that, highlight the scripture, and then select the Blockquote button:

Best Tips for Editing Text Sizes

To adjust font size in your sermon note, simply insert a “#” before the text to adjust its size. Be sure there is a space between the “#” and the text you are adjusting. Adding more hashtags will make the text smaller and smaller. See below for examples. 

Below is an example of creating a header, a sub-header and a scripture as a blockquote within a sermon note:

Best Tips for Organizing Your Sermon Note

Since your sermon note will be made majority of text, it is important to keep it looking clean and organized for your app users. Here are some suggestions for keeping your sermon note looking great:

  • Utilize the blockquote option for any quotation or bible reference

  • Add additional spaces in between the sections of your note. This will break the text up nicely so your eye has a place to land when viewing the note.

  • Label or name the different sections of your semon note and utililze the “#” option. Having a line of text that is larger than the rest is a great way to keep your sermon note clear and organized.

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