Adding and editing administrators should not be a confusing or difficult process, with this process is a breeze! Below are the simple directions on how to both add a new administrator and edit the permissions and preferences of current administrators.Ā 

1. Adding an Administrator

  1. You can add additional administrators to you account by logging into your account and clicking on "Church Administrators" from the left menu.

  2. Click on the green "Add Administrator" button to add a new admin account.

You have some user controls when setting up additional admin accounts.

  1. If you have more than one organization setup in your account, You'll be able to set which accounts the new admin has access to.

  2. You'll also have the ability to give each additional admin access to many different areas of as seen below (read point two for further details).Ā 

Note: When you add a new administrator, an email will be sent to their email address. Donā€™t forget to contact this new admin and let them know they can set up their admin account through this email sent from!Ā 

2. Administrator Permissions

Do you have some administrators that need to have access to only contact, or only access to Events? Ā No worries, has you covered! Hereā€™s how you can set that up:Ā 

  1. Log into your account.

  2. Click on the "Church Administrators" tab on the left.

  3. Click ā€œEditā€ next to the administrator you wish to edit

  4. Select the campuses they need to have access to, if you have more than one.Ā 

  5. Click on the box next to the permissions you wish to give them.Ā 

  6. Click ā€œUpdateā€ at the bottom of your screen to save the changes.Ā 

Here are some notes on each permission level:Ā 

  1. Events--an admin with this permission would be able to create, edit, and manage any and all events associated with your organization.

  2. Contacts--an admin with this permission would be able to see and manage the organizationā€™s contacts as needed.Ā 

  3. Pledges Campaigns--an admin with this permission would be able to create and administer Pledge Campaigns on behalf of the organization.

  4. Finance Permissions--an admin with this permission would be able to see all giving statements, recurring giving, bank deposits and any other financial information they may need.

Note: When setting up your adminsā€™ access, please note that you can select as many or as few permissions as you desire. This is up to the discretion of the primary administrator.Ā 

3. Editing Your Adminsā€™ Email Preferences

Do you have multiple administrators who use your account and need to receive emails notifying them of when money is given? Here's how you set this up:

  1. Log into your account.

  2. Click on the "Church Administrators" tab on the left.

  3. (Optional) If you haven't already added these individuals as church administrators, enter their email addresses to add and give them access to your account.

  4. Once they're added as church administrators, click the "Edit" button next to their name.

  5. Check the box to allow them "finance permissions".

  6. Check the box that says "User should receive giving summary emails", and then click "Update".

  7. Note: You can also check the box to allow users to receive deposit emails.

You're done! These users will now receive an email which summarizes all the gifts given within a 24 hour giving period.

Important things to note:Ā 

  • Please keep in mind that users will NOT receive a notification email every time someone gives. The giving summary notification emails are sent out once a day and include total giving for the previous day.

  • These emails are NOT meant to be used for detailed bookkeeping and accounting purposes. They are simply a notification which alerts admin users to log into their account in order to view giving reports.

If you have other questions about adding or editing your administorsā€™ access, please let us know by emailingĀ 

Note: All of these changes can only be performed by the primary administrator on the account. If you need to change the primary administrator, please contact Support directly.Ā 

Note: The primary administrator should never delete themselves from the account when trying to change the primary administrator. THis will cause issues with the account. To make this change, please reach out to directly :)

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