As you begin the process of setting up your new custom church app, there will always be a bit of trial and error to see what you like visually and how you want the functionality of your app to be set up. Below is a general guideline of things that you can edit on your own through the "App Admin Dashboard" and things that you will need to send to our Apps Team to edit for you.

Things that the Apps Team edit for you:

  • App Home Layout (includes replacing the pictures and renaming the titles)

  • Connecting content to the home screen tiles (Weblinks, App Pages, RSS feed, etc.)

  • All Images (Tile images, Banner Image, etc.)

  • App Icon Design

Things you can edit through the App Dashboard:

  • Church info (Name, address, phone, email, website, service times, etc)

  • All things "Tab" related (order, arrangement, creating new tabs/deleting current ones and changing the icons)

  • Blogs (Manually add or RSS Feed)

  • Events / Calendar (Manually add or RSS Feed)

  • Photos 

  • Videos (Manually add or RSS Feed)

  • Sermon Notes

  • App Pages (custom built pages just for your app)

  • Prayer Wall 

  • Push Notifications

  • Social Media Integrations

  • Admin tasks (add / delete admins and moderators) 

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