You'll find App Pages as one of the main tabs in your App Dashboard. This gives you the flexibility to create any individual page you'd like within your app. You can make these tabs/pages within your app or have someone from the app team add it to one of your home page items. 

This literally gives you a blank canvas to add any type of written content as well as having images, embedded videos, maps, linkable buttons,..etc...

First select New App Page, once there fill in the title at the top. Then you'll see some pre-filled demo content, this gives you a quick template if you want to start working from there.

By hovering over the image you'll see a couple options(screenshot below). The blue button allows you to upload an image. The orange button takes you to options where you can make the image a clickable link or change the dimensions of the image.  

Then you can begin editing the text simply by clicking on it. As you do this you'll see that a text editing option is floating off to the left(screenshot below). You can change the text font, size, color,..etc...

If you'd like a different format for the image and text we've got you covered! There are plenty of other options to choose from to the right of your screen(screenshot below). All of these options you can simply drag and drop into place.

There are options for embedding maps, videos, social media links, and more!

There are a couple options for active status of your page. To set this to one of your tiles, at the moment we will need to do this for you, but we can do that in a jiffy. After that, any changes you make to the page will show up immediately when that tile or menu item is selected. You can also set it to show up in the More menu, or as one of the 5 main tabs, by selecting "Published & add to More Menu." If you are just messing around with a page, and don't need it to be used in the app right away, you can choose "Draft (activate later in Tabs page)." In that case, when you want to use that page in the More menu etc, just go to tabs page, at the bottom you will find an addable (not yet used) tab, which you can drag up and add to tabs just like is normally done. Again, just ask us to set it to a tile in your home tiles or other menu pages, which we can do in a jiff.

Once you've selected one of these options you're set to select save!

Here is a helpful video to walk you through this process: 

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