Gifts and people are now automatically synced between the church giving platform and the church management system (CHmS)!!!

Before setting up your integration with Giving, you’ll need to add a “Chart of Account” that corresponds to each giving type. Financial > Chart of Accounts > Add Account”. Once you have established a chart for each giving type, go ahead and follow the steps below!

Here’s how it works:

A gift/donation is made to your church via the free Giving app, mobile app, text-to-give, or online from your church website Give button. When integration is set up, then that gift/donation is processed in the giving platform and is automatically sent over to your ChMS account. 

Why it's important: 

By syncing financial data in Giving with ChMS, you are able to track all giving and pledges made by donors in one place. It functions much like recording the giving information and then reporting on that information. By keeping these records in your people database (ChMS), you are able to generate comprehensive reports based on all giving statistics (both online giving and admin batch giving) and produce a comprehensive giving statement for the tax year.

What is the difference between keeping track of my finances in a Church Management software versus an accounting platform (like Quickbooks Online)? financial products are not designed to be a form of accounting or payroll software, they are used predominantly for donor management. Church Management tools track contributions specifically for the purposes of donor management to produce giving statements. 

Accounting software allows you to track donations made with fees associated, track earnings vs spending and is a management tool of your overall earnings and spending. 

What data is integrated between Giving and ChMS? 

Name, Email Address, (drop the plural) Giving Type, Total Gift Amount, Date of Gift (either transaction date or deposit date, depending on how you have it set up.) 

The campus that a donation is given to is not integrated into the ChMS. This is due to the fact that locations in the ChMS are tied to people and not donations. If you would like for the campus to appear on ChMS giving statements, you must include the campus name into the name of the COA and Giving Type. 

If a person (e.g. an existing member) is already in ChMS, the integration will match up the person based on their name and email. If the person does not already exist in ChMS, the integration will create that person for you automatically and tie the gift to their record.

Financial > Transactions is where you’ll find those transactions once sent from Giving. Gifts coming in from will show the name of the individual who made the gift, amount, how it was paid, the date it was given on and what batch it’s a part of.

Important Note: Since it is not required for someone to create a account when donating to your church, you would need to create a ChMS account for each donor in your congregation to view their financial history at any time. This will allow them to see all of their giving history details for both card transactions and cash/check in once place. 

There you have it. With ChMS and Giving's ability to integrate, your job just got a whole lot easier! 

Integration Options: 

Currently with the Giving and ChMS integration (V1), there are three options for integrating Giving with ChMS. You can determine which is best based on your accounting and reconciliation processes as a ministry.

Option 1: Time of Deposit

  • Set Integration Frequency for “at time of deposit”
  • Enter Cash/Check into ChMS as a separate batch (these will not be recorded in Giving)
  • Reconcile weekly between Giving + ChMS
  • Export from both Giving (card) and ChMS (cash/check) for accounting software
  • Send Giving Statements from ChMS

The benefit of choosing this option is reconciling your current bank statement with your giving statement as you are tracking funds currently deposited into your account. 

Option 2: Time of Transaction

  • Set Integration Frequency for “at time of transaction” 
  • Enter Cash/Check into the Giving Dashboard by going to Giving > Admin Batch Giving > Run Transactions within your admin account
  • Reconcile Daily/Weekly between Giving + ChMS (note that processing fees from Card are not reflected in ChMS)
  • Export into your accounting software from My Churches > View Giving Statements for accounting (this will show fees associated with card donations) 
  • Send Giving Statements from ChMS

The benefit of choosing this option is having one export to reconcile with your accounting platform. 

Option 3: No Integration

  • Do not set up the integration
  • Keep all financials within the Giving Dashboard
  • Enter Cash/Check donations into the Admin Batch Giving tool in Giving
  • Pull reports from the Giving Statements page for accounting purposes
  • Send Tax Statements through Giving Dashboard

Keep in mind by not integrating the products, you will not have any people information updated in your ChMS Database. You could choose to manually export/import this information if desired. 

Since people do not have to create a profile when giving through they may not have access to see their giving history at any time. 

Connecting ChMS and Giving is Simple.

1) Log in to your ChMS account, hover over your name in the top right corner and click on Settings. Once there, scroll all the way to the bottom and click on the “Integrations” button located on the left side of the page.

2) Once you're in the integrations tab click on the green "Add' button on the right side of the page. Then, choose and add it as an integration!

3) Now that the integration has been added, go back to Settings and into API. Click the 'Show' button to reveal your secret API Key. 

4) Next head over to the the ChMS sync section, select “Elvanto” from the drop down, enter your API Key, and click save. Voila, you’re done.

We hope this systems integration helps your church be more efficient and effective! And by all means, please send us your questions, feedback, and of course any encouraging comments you feel inclined to share :)

*We recommend that you audit integrations on a bi-weekly basis to ensure that everything is working accordingly and no donations are incorrectly syncing

*If you have financial donations coming from a previous platform for the tax year, you will need to produce two tax statements to send all contributions made for the year to donors. 

*Once you do integrate your giving and CHMS platforms, please ensure that the Chart of Accounts in CHMS match what is listed in your Giving Types! If you see any errors or missing integration ID's please connect with your CSM or directly

Note: If you need to add or change a giving type in this MUST be done in ChMS first. You go to the chart of accounts in ChMS, update or add the giving type, and then head to the Integrations tab in and click the "update" button. This will automatically sync the giving types. If you edit giving type in without following the above process the gifts will not match. 

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