Managing (Event) Ticket Types with Is Simple!

Where to Manage Ticket Types

  1. Once you've created an event, click on "Event Registration" 

  2. Click on "View / Edit Event"

  3. Scroll down to "Ticket Type"

  4. Click on "Edit"

Where to Manage Ticket Types

1: Editing Existing Ticket Types

  1. After making any changes to a ticket type, click "Save"

2: Hiding / Showing Ticket Types

  1. Click on the drop down under "Active / Visible" and select the option you want

  2. Click "Save"  

3: Adding New Ticket Types

  1. Scroll down to " + Add Another"

  2. Fill in the ticket type details 

  3. Click "Save"

That's it! Managing Ticket Types Is Easy! 

Be sure to click on the "Launch Event Registration Form" to check out your event registration page. If you see something needs to be changed, simply go back to your admin tab and click "Edit" on any of the desired sections.

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