By following the instructions below your account will be integrated with Shelby Arena. 



Arena Settings:

In your admin tools, go to 

1. Ensure API is enabled

Administration > Organization > Organization Name: 

  • Set ApiEnabled to true

  • Set ApiEnforcePersonFieldSecurity to true

2. Create API Application

Administration > API Applications: 

  • Create API Application

  • Enter Name (e.g. API)

  • Enter API Key: Generate a key

  • Enter Secret Key (must be this for contributions): Talk to about how to retrieve this secret key.

  • Enabled = Yes

3. Configure a Global Admin User

 Create a Username and password for a person record

The user account must have “Global Admin Security”

  • You could use an existing account that is a global admin security and just create a second login under the security tab for that person’s record.

  • Or create a new account. Be sure to create a login and password under the security tab for this person and give this person global admin permissions. 

Tip: Name this account “ API” so you remember what it’s for in the future. 

Tip: Use random generated characters for login and password to ensure it is a secure username and password.


___ Settings

To setup the Shelby integration in, log into your admin account and click on Integrations from the left hand menu. Next, select "Shelby" from the drop down menu.

Once you've selected Shelby from the drop down, you will be asked to complete a set of fields to setup the integration. Details on each field can be found below:

 1. Shelby URL:

  • Normally this would be “” replacing with your Arena URL.

  • It is possible to use a different URL than the “out of the box” URL. If you are doing this, it would be set in Arena under Administration > Organization > Organization Name. Once there, look for the value of ApiUrl. If nothing is set, then use the “out of the box” setting in bullet one above.

  • If you Arena domain uses https, then be sure to use https:// (eg.

  • Note: You can enter the API url in a browser to verify the address works for your Arena install.

2. Shelby Username: The Username you set for the Arena admin account you’re using with Global Admin permissions. See Arena setup step 3 above.

3. Shelby Password: The password you set for the Arena admin account you’re using with Global Admin permissions. See Arena setup step 3 above.

4. Shelby Contribution API Key: The key you generated when setting up the API. See step 2 of the Arena setup above.

5. Shelby Contribution API Secret: Enter key provided by

6. Shelby Campus ID: When a new person’s record is created by, this will be the campus assigned to them.

  • Campus ID can be found in Arena under Administration > Organization > Organization Name and then under Campus tab. Look for the number under the ID column for the campus you want to use.

7. Shelby Member Status ID: The membership status you want to use in Arena when a new person is created in Arena by

  • To find/create member status in Arena go to Administration > Lookups > Membership Status. Click on Membership Status and either create a new membership or find the ID of an existing membership you want to use.

  • Tip: Create a new membership status called “” so you can identify and review new people records created in Arena by (eg. below screen shot uses 10766 as the ID for the membership status called

8. Shelby Member Status Value: Enter the name of the membership status that is associated with the membership status ID from above.

9. Shelby Record Status ID: The record status you want assigned when a new record is created in Arena by Tip: use “Pending” record status. Default Record Status IDs for Arena are listed below:

  • Active = 0

  • Inactive = 1

  • Pending = 2

10. Shelby Member Record Status Value: The Record Status name corresponding to the Record Status ID from above.

11. Shelby Currency Type ID: Enter ID number of default payment method.

  • Decide on a payment method for all contributions.

  • Retrieve Currency Type ID in Arena by going to Administration > Lookups > Payment Method.

  • Tip: Create a new one called so you can differentiate these forms of contributions from others. Be sure to check the Contribution box so it is available to be used in Contributions.

12. Shelby Currency Type Value: The name of the Payment Method that corresponds to the Currency Type ID from above.


Common Questions (FAQs)

  1. How are records matched from to Shelby Arena?
    The integration first looks up an account in Shelby Arena using the email from If a matching email is found in Arena, the integration then checks Last Name to solidify the match. Lastly, the integration will verify that the person has FamilyMemberRoleValue = Adult. If a person's Arena record is marked as an "individual contributor" (not combined in family) then that person will be matched.

  2. Once a match is made between and Shelby Arena, how are matches kept in sync?
    The integration always do a search/lookup using the matching criteria/process listed in the question above.

  3. When a matching record can NOT be found in Shelby Arena, what happens?
    The integration will create a new person in Shelby Arena with "Record Status" = Pending and "Membership Status" = Tithely.

  4. How are batches created in Shelby Arena when gifts come in from
    You have two options for the + Shelby Arena integration.

  • Option 1: Integration based on deposit: pushes over gifts when a deposit is made into your church bank account. 

  • Option 2: Integration based on transaction: pushes over every gift/transaction in real-time into a 'daily batch'.



Sometimes you will find that your Shelby Arena Batch does not match what was deposited into your bank account. When this happens, there is likely an issue with a record being created in Shelby due to:

  • A donor texts in a gift using a fund/designation that is not supported in Arena.

  • A donor name is entered in differently in vs. Arena. Sometimes people will enter two names in the Last name field (eg. "Bill" in First Name field and "and Jill Smith" in the last name field).

*We recommend that you audit integrations on a bi-weekly basis to ensure that everything is working accordingly and no donations are incorrectly syncing

Having trouble with the integration. Be sure to email us at and our team will help get things resolved. 

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