We understand making a church-wide change can be difficult. Don't worry-- we've got your back! Use these custom Engagement Materials to explain how ridiculously easy giving can be! Slides, emails, social media graphics, and videos... all at your disposal.

🎬 Mobile Giving App How-to Video

There's nothing like a quick how-to video! 

⬇️ Download the above video.

⬇️ Download the above video.

🎬 Digital Giving Promo Commercial 

⬇️ Download the above video.

🎬 Text Giving Videos

There's nothing like a quick how-to video for text giving too!

⬇️ Download the above video.

⬇️ Download the above video.

Feel free to also use the graphic below :)

🎬 Custom Church App Video

⬇️ Download the above video.

💻 Launch kit powerpoint slides and graphics

These resources are great for creating slides that you can display before and after services, as well as during the offering! Additionally,  leverage the other digital/printable resources to put on seats, in your bulletin, etc.

⬇️ Download Full Launch it.

Launch Email Template

Using email to inform and educate your members on your new giving tools is a great way to increase adoption. We've created a great template for you to get started with. Feel free to copy and edit it to your liking.

⬇️ View launch email template.

Launch Social Media Graphics

Using social media is a great way to promote your new digital giving tools. We've created some great social media graphics to help you spread the word. View them here and feel free to download and use any/all of them whenever you want. 

⬇️ View social media graphics.

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