Please Note: This is for Giving Donor accounts.

Before we begin, please note that you cannot update an existing Payment Method. You will need to remove your old payment method and add a new one. makes it possible to make a contribution to the organization of your choosing using a credit card, debit card, or bank account [ACH/eCheck] (US only).

If you already have an account with and would like to add a new credit card, debit card, and/or bank account, you can do so from the app or by logging into your account at:  

Adding a Payment Method:

Adding a payment method from the app or online:

  • Open the app from your smartphone or login to your account at from your web browser.

  • Click "Payment Methods" from the home screen or click on the menu located in the top left corner and then click on "payment methods".

  • To add a credit or debit card, be sure you've selected "credit/debit" from the bottom tabs, then click on the green plus (+) icon.

  • Enter your card information and click "Add card".

  • To add a bank account, be sure you've selected "bank account" from the bottom tabs, then click on the green plus (+) icon.You have two ways to add a bank account: Click on the "Sign in with online banking" button and use your online banking credentials to connect your bank account to or you can enter your bank account number and routing number and click "save and continue." 

Check out this video for a walk-through of the above process:

Note: Bank account donations are only available in the US. 

Note: If you need to delete a payment method, follow the first two steps and then select "credit/debit" or "bank account" from the bottom tabs > click on the red trash can icon >  click "Remove".

Note: If you have a Recurring Payment set up with a Payment Method that you are deleting, our system will automatically delete that Recurring Payment. You will need to set up a new Recurring Payment with the new Payment Method. You can learn more on how to do this here.

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