Tithe.ly Text Giving is incredibly simple and fast. Donors, members, and supporters can give in seconds simply by texting an amount (example: $100) to your dedicated text giving number.

If you want more information on Text Giving, please click the button below. If you're ready to signup and start receiving Text Giving donations, we'll walk you through the signup process below. 😃

How to Sign Up for Text Giving With Tithe.ly

  1. Login to your Tithe.ly Admin account.

  2. Click the Global Settings button in the bottom-left corner of the screen. You can access the Global Settings from anywhere in the Tithe.ly dashboard.

  3. Next, click Billing

  4. Click the Change Plan button.

  5. Click Text Giving, enter your organization's credit card information, and hit the green "Sign up for text giving" button.

  6. You're done! 🎉

Please view the article linked below for information on how to get started with using Text Giving. We've also included some launch resources for you to share. 😃

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