When someone gives through Tithe.ly they will receive an automatic email, sent seconds after they finish giving. You can even customize the email receipt / confirmation so that it matches your brand and style more closely.

The gift email includes:

  • Date of gift

  • Name of organization given to

  • Amount given

  • Fund / designation of gift

  • Gift ID

Here is an example of what you can create.

Tax Receipts: 

Your church is responsible for providing you with tax receipts at the end of each year. They'll be sure to send those out, and you can always request them to be sent by contacting your church directly. If you don't have access to contact with your church you can always contact us at support@tithe.ly or by using our Intercom chat (the blue bubble in the right corner of your screen)!

Note: Canadian tax law dictates that these emails may not serve as an official tax receipt. 

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