Do you realize that you can be up and running with within minutes of signing up? If you're reading this help article, there is a good chance you've already completed the signup process. If not, sign up for here

Once you're signed up, follow the steps below and you'll be up and running with in no time at all.



We MUST verify your account after you sign up. In order to do that, our team will call / email you, if they haven't already made contact. Please be on alert for this communication as we WILL NOT deposit funds into your bank account until we've  verified your identity. Thank you!


#1 – Add Your Custom Statement Descriptor

Add a custom “statement descriptor” so people will see your organization name on their card statements. Go to My Churches > Edit Organization, and look near the top of the page for this item. What you put in here is what will show up on your donors' credit and bank statements, so be sure to use wording that helps them identify their transaction.

This help article has more information if needed.

#2 - Create Your Giving Types

You may or may not have created giving types during signup so be sure you check on this. Giving Types are designations things like "Tithe", "Offering", "Building Fund". "Missions", etc. You can manage them by going to My Churches > Edit Organization > Giving Types.

This help article has more information if needed.

#3 – Turn on Optional Fields (or not)

Turn additional fields on for your giving form. You may want to capture things like mobile phone number, address, or memo. To do this, go to My Churches > Edit Organization and look near the top of the page. Check the box for each field you'd like to turn on.

#4 – Add Your Logo and Customize Your Email Confirmation

Add your logo and colors to the giving form and customize your email confirmation message so people stay connected with your brand. Go to My Churches > Edit Brand and fill out the information on the page.

This help article has more information if needed.

#5 – Add Your Online Giving Form

Add the online giving form to your website by using the embed code or direct link found by going to the Website Giving tab (click here to see - you must be logged into your admin account). Also, add a link to this page so that it's simple for people to download the native iPhone and Android giving app.

This help article has more information if needed.

#6 – Download the Free Mobile Giving App

You can download the free mobile giving app for iOS or Android on this page. You'll want to download the app to your phone so you can experience account creation and giving yourself. This will allow you to explain it to others more easily.   

#7 – Give a Donation

Give a small donation so that you can experience the full giving process personally. This will allow you to see your customized giving form, email confirmation, and what shows up on your statements. It will also allow you to see the transaction and deposit reporting sections. 

#8 – Review Transaction and Deposit Reporting

Review the transaction report, deposit reports, and giving dashboard so you are familiar with all the financial reporting provides.

  • Transactions report - My Churches > View Giving Statements
  • Bank Deposit reports - My Churches > View Giving Statements > Bank Deposits (button near top)
  • Giving dashboard - Button titled Dashboard in left navigation

#9 – Get a Launch Plan Together

Here are a few great resources to help you get started!

  • The Super Simple [and actionable] 5 Step Guide to Rolling out your Church Mobile Giving Solution (read it now)
  • How do I get my church members to use (read it now)
  • How to Effectively Launch a New Online Giving Tool to Your Church: Expert Tips from 11 Marketing and Communications Pros (read it now)

#10 – Put together your launch resources

Slides, bulletin info, website updates, email communication, social media posts, etc. Look out for a forthcoming email from us with a launch kit full of resources. You can find some great launch resources by reading this article.

#11 – Pick a Launch Weekend and get ready for a successful roll out.

There you have it! Follow the above tips and you'll be off to a great start.

If you have any questions, please click the little message circle in the bottom right corner of your screen. Our team will help guide you and answer any questions you have. 

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