You can login to your account from the app or through the web. The three options you have are detailed below

1) Logging into from the app:

If you've installed the app, you can simply open the app on your smartphone, enter your username and password, and click on “Log In”. Forgot your password? Reset it by following these instructions.

2) Logging into from your church website:

If you normally give by going through your church/ministry website, you can log into your account online by clicking the giving button on your church’s/ministrie's website, clicking the “Login/Signup” link located in the top right corner, and then entering your login information.

3) Logging into from the web:

If the above two ways are not how you normally access, you can simply go to and log into your account by clicking the “Login/Signup” link located in the top right corner and entering your login information.

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